Deploying Performance Differentiation to the Shop Floor – Potentials and Pitfalls

Introduction While organisations adopt different performance management systems, most seek to create better alignment between their business strategy, performance outcomes and how they reward employees for achieving individual, team and organisation-wide results. Some organisations are simultaneously trying to achieve better reward differentiation based on decisions arising from performance differentiation. However, to do this effectively senior […]

Why Your Engagement Model is Essential to HR Strategy and Business Success

Introduction We have all heard the phrase “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. The phrase is widely accredited to Peter Drucker and apparently was a guiding principle of Mark Fields, who was the President of Ford from 2014 – 2017. The simple logic being that any organisation that disconnects strategy from organisational culture is setting itself […]

Meeting the AskHR Solutions Team – Robin Benn

Robin Benn is a Manager with AskHR Solutions. He has worked with AskHR Solutions for more than 10 years, working with clients in the SME sector including working as an interim HR Manager in client accounts. We sat down with Robin recently to find out a little bit more about him… Where are you from? […]