HR Audit

Protect your business

With legislation constantly evolving it can be challenging to stay informed and on top of changes. A HR audit protects you and your business, and mitigates risks that may affect the day to day running and success of your business.

An effective HR audit reviews your current policies, practices and procedures and ensures you are up to date, compliant and practicing best practice when it comes to HR and employment law.

AskHR Solutions provide a range of options for businesses wishing to conduct a HR audit. It can be arranged as a one off project, or on an ongoing annual basis. Each audit is designed specifically for your business needs, and our team works closely with your HR, management and executive teams to ensure success.

Our HR audits typically include

  • A HR review benchmarking existing practices against current best practice and relevant HR legislation
  • A review of handbooks and HR policies
  • A review of contracts of employment and other aspects of employment relations
  • A concluding report advising on the necessary actions and best next steps to ensure compliance.

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Our range of solutions include

HR Audit

Ongoing HR Support Services

Employee Contracts, Handbooks, Policies & Procedures

Recruitment Consulting

HR Mentoring & Training